Angel Balancio Bernal Kawasaki ZX11

I don't have the easiest life.. has hit me hard at times and in some cases, came close to completely breaking my spirit. But I've taken the good and the bad and have tried to make the best out of it!...An optimist I guess you can say that.

My life isn't just an adventure, it's a series of adventures. Controlled chaos, vaguely organized insanity. If you're around me for a short while, you'll see what you want to see. If you're around me for quite a while, you'll see what I am. Depends on which one you want. Danger ahead. Mt. bikes ...Big bikes . Ridin since I was 10 in BF Homes Paranaque , Dirt bike till i was 28 and got my first street last 2005.. now 42 ridin and round and rockin the streets. Now days I just ride and kick some bad ass cars joke do it sometimes but mostly go to my fav hangout in Paseo Santa Rosa " the bakery" 

One of my greatest passions, motorcycling. There is no way to describe it to someone that does not share it. You either have it, or you don't. Those that don't have it think that those of us that do are nuts. When they start to question me I just smile and nod, then ask them if they'd like to go for a ride. If after a ride, they still don't get it... well... what can I do?

Motorcycling is a great way to meet people. There is a mystique about motorcycles that captures the imagination of everyone, even non-bikers. This intrigue in other people gives you a connection that opens doors that might have otherwise been closed. Meeting people under pleasant circumstances is much easier when I am on the motorcycle.

















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